WARM FALL (5122009)

Some things have changed since my last entry. Now, weather has recovered its calendar and has resumed its duty, adapting the thermometer to the date. More or less. I still find it a little warm to be December. Of course, mornings are cold at six or eight, and sitting in my living room, seven floors from the street, with the door open is freezing. But the rest of the day isn’t yet what I expect. Ok, maybe ‘Christmas at the beach’ would be too much, but it doesn’t seem like there will be a ‘white Christmas’ in my town either.
But it works enough to make some pretty shots with my fantabulous mobile, anyway – I’ve been moving every day with the camera in my bag, but when the batteries say good bye and you’ve forgot to charge the other you are grateful for your Sony Ericsson with this beautiful 3.2 camera inside.

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