The secret life of traffic signs.
Le journal, approx. 60 pages pour nous rappeler chaque jour que le monde est fou, fou, fou.
 A minute ago dozens of passengers were leaving the train. In a moment the platform was empty again.
Thanks to all those women that used this toilett before and left their thoughts written so I can have something to read while – you know what.
The bus and the queue, at three of a Sunny Saturday, hungry and tired. But the pic’s nice.

 I recently discovered that I like big animals, like big buses with those impressive eyes.
I’d love to know what was this man trying to see. The train came from the other direction.

It isn’t my fault! It’s spring forcing me to post flowers again, and again and again! 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how I’d love to spend my morning tomorrow: seating on the grass, under the sun, reading a good book, while my dog’s happily playing around me – except that I’ll have to be seating at my office, under artificial lights, reading emails – ah, yes, and now that I think about it, I have no dog.

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