I have recently changed the method I follow to name my posts, more exactly to decide the reference that go after the name. There is no method, rule nor logic in how I choose the name of a photo or group of them, not even in the language I use. This may seem a little inconstant, fickle, indication of an unpredictable personality. Let me tell you that if you’ve arrived to that conclusion you’re probably right. Actually, forget the “probably” part.

In case you haven’t noticed before, the numbers that follow the name of the post are dates. Until some days ago, the date chosen was always the date of the post. However, I’ve never felt happy with it; the other option was to write the date the image was taken. The first option is useful when there are photos taken the same day but included in different posts, when I give them the same name. Finally I’ve decided for the second option, in part because I think it makes more sense, in part because I get tired of things after a certain time. (Yes, this means that I’ll change it again in the future.)

I won’t tell you where have I started with this change. You can try to find it if you are bored enough.


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